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NAHCE is a full-service health careers network and the only association dedicated to health jobs, careers and education. We present the Health Professional and those looking into health careers with the resources to discover, evaluate and to be informed about the many health career opportunities today and consequently help them to make the best decisions all through their career.

Our focus is on the entire user experience, satisfaction and continuing success of our students and members. With over 60 courses and a thriving community of over 10,000, NAHCE provides a fantastic learning environment, connections to the top hospital's and clinics in the country, a network of industry leaders, and the educational resources needed to pursue the many health career opportunities of today. We save our students time and money, maximize career growth and provide the connections that will lead them to their next job.

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NAHCE is a full-service health careers network providing job opportunities with hospitals, clinics and primary healthcare providers, connecting colleagues and associates of our Nations health careers Enrollment to the fastest-growing health careers network.

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NAHCE members have access to training courses for National certification and receive Continuing health education on the most intuitive and user-friendly online learning systems. NAHCE programs and courses are self-paced and can be accessed at any time.

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The NAHCE Online learning platform is conveniently available to use at your leisure 24 hours a day. The Courses are packed full of media-based activities and exercises, educational videos, simulations, class discussions and interactive activities powered by the most intuitive and easy to use learning system available today.

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Limitless Health Career Opportunities

NAHCE presents the Health Professional with gainful education opportunities. We provide the resources to pursue the many health career opportunities of today to maximize career growth and income potential.

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  • Over 10 thousand members who share your passion for health careers.
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  • Limitless income potential and career growth.
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Our Vision and Mission

NAHCE members are the visible embodiment of our commitment to change and improving health careers in our country. We achieve our goals through effective networking and health education specific to our career path. Join thousands who share your passion and enthusiasm for health careers and it's profession.


NAHCE Provides you with the resources to discover, evaluate and to be informed about the many health career opportunities today to consequently help you to make the best decisions all through your career.

" Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself. "

- John Dewey
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NAHCE Provides you with the resources to discover, evaluate and to be informed about the many health career opportunities today to consequently help you to make the best decisions all through your career.

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Health Career Fields We Serve

Discover employment opportunities that will help drive you to success.

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Allied Health

Allied Health is a term used to categorize a wide range of health professionals who are not physicians, dental practitioners or nurses. Allied Health Professions prevent, diagnose and treat a variety of conditions that lead to health problems and disease. They are a part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team aiming to provide the best patient care and long-term results.
Average Salary = $37,860
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Including:Medical Assistant Home Health Technician Clinical Medical Assistant Administrative Medical Assistant Phlebotomy Technician Cardiovascular Technologist Pharmacy Technician
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Health Information Services

Health information management (HIM) professionals manage the data regarding all aspects of a patient's health care. It's the practice of acquiring, inspecting and safeguarding the digital and traditional medical information that is essential to providing high quality patient health care. (HIM) gives oversight to the electronic and paper records of patient care in a facility.
Average Salary = $49,381
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Healthcare Administration

Health Administration also often called Healthcare Administration and medical administration is the field associated with management, and supervision of general public health systems, healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, and private practice including hospital networks. Health care administrators, direct Healthcare operations in hospitals clinics and other types of organizations make both daily and long-term decisions that affect healthcare system's, business strategies and health policy.
Average Salary = $63,414
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Nurses become an advocate for good health and the prevention of health problems and disease. Nursing is the profession and practice of providing care for the sick, disabled, dying or injured people. Nursing includes autonomous and collaborative treatment, care and attention of individuals of all ages, families, and communities in every healthcare setting.
Average Salary = $71,000
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Laboratory / Pathology

Clinical pathology is an area of expertise that involves analysis and identification of diseases and the structural and functional changes produced by them. This is done through laboratory examinations of bodily specimens such as blood, urine, and cell tissue using clinical microbiology, hematology, and molecular pathology.
Average Salary = $73,285
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Radiology & Diagnostics

Diagnostic radiology plays an integral part in the prognosis of disease and examining personal injury. Diagnostic radiology is the healthcare field that uses Imagery examinations and procedures to test and evaluate a patients health condition and is used in all forms of health care.
Average Salary = $71-$350K
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Physicians & Surgeons

Physicians and surgeons are medical practitioners who treat illness and injury by diagnostic, evaluations, performing surgery, and providing other medical services and advice. They specialize and treat patients in a variety of areas, such as radiology, oncology, internal medicine, anesthesia, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, and gynecology. Physicians and surgeons are highly trained and duly authorized by law to practice medicine.duly authorized by law to practice medicine.
Average Salary = $375,396
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Denisrty is the treatment diseases and other conditions that have an effect on one's teeth and gums. Treatment would typically consist of repairing or removing existing teeth, Bonding, Braces, Bridges and Implants, Crowns and Caps, Dentures, Extractions, Fillngs and Repairs, Gum Surgery, Examinations, Root Canals, and Sealants.
Average Salary = $133k-$174k
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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a group of diverse medical and health care practices and products of medical remedies and treatments for healing and disease that are not thought to be conventional by the medical profession. Alternative practices include chiropractic, herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture and alternative medicine.
Average Salary = $58k-$74k
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