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National Association Of Health Careers & Education members are the visible embodiment of our commitment to change and improving health careers in our country. NAHCE members comprise of Health Care Professionals, Health Educators and large Healthcare Systems of all disciplines, providing a networking and educational platform with responsibility towards one another to have open communication channels and mutual respect for each health profession.

NAHCE's educational platform implements administrative and educational processes that encourage different health career professions to share resources and work jointly to deliver patient-centered care and improve healthcare systems. Courses are continuously, collaborated, revised, augmented and internally accredited by the piers of each profession. NAHCE has enveloped these core competencies into continuing health education, with emphasis on evidence-based practice, quality improvement approaches, informatics and a shared competency-based curriculum.

Access the health industry’s most comprehensive communications and continuing education learning system to begin earning your Electronic (BOC)'s and Certificate of Credentials as a member of an Interdisciplinary Association.

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NAHCE members have access to training courses for National certification and CEU/CMEU’s. Receive continuing health education on the most intuitive and user-friendly online learning system. NAHCE continuing health education are self-paced and can be accessed at any time. NAHCE is a full-service health careers network providing job opportunities with hospitals, clinics and primary healthcare providers and direct access to the training and education specific to your career path.

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Qualify Health Educators can maximize income potential by creating courses to become available for nahce members to earn CEU/CMEU’s. Teachers use the most advanced Learning Management System to add resources and activities to their course and others for students to complete. Teachers also have access to all of nahce’s educational resources including all books and materials from the nation's top Health Education Publishers.

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The NAHCE Online learning platform is conveniently available to use at your leisure 24 hours a day. The Courses are packed full of media-based activities and exercises, educational videos, simulations, class discussions and interactive activities powered by the most intuitive and easy to use learning system available today.

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  • Create your courses on, or link them to NAHCE's IPCE collaborative learning platform
  • Learn from and add assignments to other courses that relate to your profession
  • Modern, easy to use interface to customize course assignments
  • Simple and intuitive text editor HTML converter
  • Collaborative Activity and teaching tools with Multilingual capability
  • Messaging, notifications and all-in-one calendar
  • Convenient file management
  • 24 hour service and support.
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Our Vision and Mission

NAHCE members are the visible embodiment of our commitment to change and improving health careers in our country. We achieve our goals through effective networking and health education specific to our career path. Join thousands who share your passion and enthusiasm for health careers and it's profession.


NAHCE Provides you with the resources to discover, evaluate and to be informed about the many health career opportunities today to consequently help you to make the best decisions all through your career.

Join us and take your first steps towards a promising career in Health Care.

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" Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself. "

- John Dewey
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