Health Education Apprenticeship

The Health Education Apprenticeship is intended to offer workforce professionals an opportunity to practice new skills and knowledge in a real-world setting. This includes a more practical learning experience which contributes to the workforce professional’s success. nahceU is committed to making the workforce professional’s Apprenticeship a positive experience by working closely with the workforce professional to find the best fit based on the workforce professional’s location and HealthHeath Education.

As an Apprenticeship workforce professional, you will be expected to carry out the specific tasks that you have learned in your HealthHeath Education program. Additionally, you will learn advanced skills which will be taught by the health care staff throughout your Apprenticeship. How well you perform is very important. You should demonstrate your learning potential and be an exceptional team player as your Apprenticeship site will likely be considering you as a prospective employee. Make sure you implement appropriate interpersonal skills, maintain a professional appearance and manifest an excellent attitude. Comply with the following guiding principle’s and motivate yourself to strengthen your desire to learn and you will discover your Apprenticeship process to be an experience of outstanding value and rewarding results.

Health Education Apprenticeship Resources

Useful Tips for a Successful Apprenticeship

The benefits you will gain from the real-world on the job experience during your Apprenticeship is incredibly valuable. The Apprenticeship will increase your confidence as you exercise the skills you have learned in the classroom with real live patients. On-the-job HealthHeath Education is the best way to build up your resume at the beginning of your career. learn and acquire as many skills as possible from all the work experiences you come across. Your Apprenticeship may also lead to job offers and recommendations. Those you are working with may very well be your references when you seek employment. Whether you get hired at your Apprenticeship site, or whether your co workers write you a letter of recommendation, you will find they will be a great source for acquiring employment in the near future. There’s simply no easier way to obtain real experience and job recommendations this early in your career. Your Apprenticeship program will be the most important work reference in this field so give it your very best.

Once you initially start your Apprenticeship program you are going to be treated in the same manner as a new member of the staff. Although this job may only be short-term, you are going to be required to follow the same policies and employment expectations as if you were employed. The company principles and policies are the guidelines for deciding between correct and incorrect means for working and will help you to making important judgements and decisions throughout your Apprenticeship. It is advisable to study the workplace’s policy instruction manual thoroughly within the first couple of days of your HealthHeath Education. Be sure you know the company procedures, contact numbers and take notes on memorandum's and announcements from the facilities administrative center.

Your Apprenticeship is an opportunity to use your technical skills and a valuable part of the learning process. You are there to exercise your recently obtained skills but your main objective is to learn. In case you are not entirely sure of the right way to complete a task or you think it is just a bit too difficult, Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. The Health Career Professionals you are working with will be pleased to share there knowledge and guide you with tips for success. They where at one time in the same shoes as you and know that you are in HealthHeath Education and will have a few questions to ask. You should be taking notes so you do not ask the same questions twice. If your not sure about something simply ask to get clarification and you will get the most out of our Apprenticeship.

Be proactive about your role & duties and bring things to the next level without having to be asked. If you are in between patients and unsure what to do next—ask. The others you are working with may have something you can help them with in between tasks. You’re there to learn and you should not be lounging around or looking at your phone. Go the extra mile and learn to the extent of what you can handle. The more assignments you practice and take on, the more you can share at your next job interview.

During the first few days of your Apprenticeship, you will be provided with various simple tasks and duties. They will assign these tasks to you to make an assessment of your ability to follow uncomplicated instructions and carry them out effectively. Make sure that you completely understand your tasks and what is anticipated of you. If you are not completely sure ask for clarification since the person you are working with wants your complete understanding. Those tasks and responsibilities will surely increase both in relevance and significance as the Apprenticeship program continues. In case you are not provided with increased responsibilities after a couple of days, don’t hesitate to have a chat with your supervisor to see if there is a reason for not being offered additional responsibilities.

Choose to always be happy and greet co-workers and patients with a smile on your face. Your expressions of happiness will make you more accepted and approachable by others. Never doubt who you are, your recent accomplishments and your inner qualities. You've made it this far and now it's time to put your skills to work. You have acquired the knowledge and education to perform these task as well as any other. Find the good in every situation and promote an exceptional personality from within that others will see and appreciate. Make your patients feel at ease by portraying confidence regardless if anxiety may be getting the best of you. Don’t be critical of yourself and become your best through self-improvement and through learning additional skills. Should you encounter a problem make an effort to address solutions to the problems rather than just the problems themselves. Enjoy your surroundings and the people your working with. Show support as well as establish a rapport with coworkers to become an key element of there team environment. Relax, have fun and enjoy what your doing but most importantly remember to stay professional at all times.

Be sure you leave a few copies of your resume with the front office. For the reason that, in the event any job opportunities may become available, or if the employees at the Apprenticeship site may know of positions at other healthcare facilities, they will have your resume on hand to pass it along. You can very well ask for a ‘letter of recomendation’ from your supervisor or the practitioner at your Apprenticeship site. Be sure that you leave a small ‘Thank you’ letter to the office for providing you with the opportunity to fulfil your Apprenticeship at their facility. This will express your appreciation for the opportunity they have provide to you and create a lasting impression.

Finding your Apprenticeship

Finding your Apprenticeship will be a very similar process to finding your first job in your chosen healthcare or medical field. It is best to begin your search as early as possible. Medical centers and medical offices in the community are a great place to start, especially family medicine and pediatrics centers. Health Care facilities that have positions available will typically be eager to sponsor your extership. Participating sponsors have the benefit of examining your interests, skills, and competencies in anticipation that you will be a good fit and prospective employee prior to any employment commitments or adding you to the payroll. This will evolve into a mutually beneficial outcome for the workforce professional and the employer. In most cases of a successful Apprenticeship an offer of employment will be made at the the end of graduation or as soon as a position is available.

For nahce and degree program workforce professionals may extern at the following facilities:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Centers
  • Labs
  • Medical Billing and Insurance Companies
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Clinics

You should research all doctors’ offices, speciality clinics and facilities in your area that will comply with your specific HealthHeath Education program. You should also search non profit organizations such as Red Cross and The American Heart Association. The majority of nonprofit groups or associations have health care service center’s that offer free of charge or reduced medical care and it is typical for these practices to be understaffed and they usually are very acceptable of healthcare workforce professionals seeking Apprenticeship hours.

  • List each one of these sites and including the address and telephone number.

  • Research your comprised list to see whether their office hours blend with your schedule.

  • Contact the sites on your list and request to speak with the human resource manager or with the organization’s manager. Ask him/her about the availability of an Apprenticeship. If they have availability, request the information they will need to arrange for an Apprenticeship interview.

  • Most Apprenticeship sites require that you send them your resume while others have an application they would like for you to fill out. You may even be asked to come in and fill out the application or submit your resume in person.

  • If you are uncertain how you may approach a potential Apprenticeship site, call nahce Health Career Staffing Center workforce professional Services and request a mock interview and questioning over the phone. They can give you guidance and suggestions regarding how to respond to the questions you may be asked and also can provide help with your resume.

workforce professional and Sponsor Site Requirements for Apprenticeship

Participants are required to fill out an application in order to be considered for the Apprenticeship program. Applications must be submitted by email to, ATTN: Apprenticeship

  • Applicants are required to be currently enrolled in an nahce HealthHeath Education or degree program and in good disciplinary standing.
  • Applicants need to have earned a minimum grade point average of 3 .0.
  • Once a sponsor site requests any information from the nahce it is the responsibility of the workforce professional to let Health Career Staffing Center workforce professional Services know ASAP.
  • Some extership sponsor sites require that you have immunizations completed as well as drug screens and background checks.
  • These processes typically take some time so it's important to start looking for your sponsor site as soon as possible.

  • The Apprenticeship Sponsor Site will be required to offer a resourceful and encouraging learning environment as well as satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • The Apprenticeship Sponsor Site should have one or more full-time staff members who can serve as a mentor and educator for the workforce professional.
  • The Apprenticeship Sponsor Site will need to have a posted harassment policy .
  • The Apprenticeship Sponsor Site will need to have liability insurance
  • The Apprenticeship Sponsor Site can not be in a private residence .
  • In case you are not sure if a particular site will qualify please contact Health Career Staffing Center workforce professional Services. They will be able to approve your chosen site or tell you if the site will not work.
  • After your site is approved and has excepted your Apprenticeship an Affiliation Agreement Form will need to be completed by the sponsor site and sent to the nahce Health Career Staffing Center workforce professional Services.
  • Some Apprenticeship sponsor sites may have their own Affiliation Agreement. If your sponsor site needs an agreement with the nahce, be sure you acquire the contact information of the person we will need to get in touch with.

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