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Health Facilities are increasingly looking to our Health Career Staffing Services to fulfill their needs for talented individuals. We feature employment opportunities from the country’s most respected governmental, non profit, and private health organizations. We prepare you to make the connection with future healthcare job opportunities. Health Career Professionals enjoy a variety of resources for career advancement and financial growth.

Our goal is to optimize every opportunity for you to establish a solid career path while assisting you in developing your skills and credentials throughout the entire course of your career.

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Discover job opportunities nationwide on NAHCE's Health Facilities job board. We are dedicated to connecting Health Facilities with qualified Health Career Professionals. It's your one stop for all Health Facilities jobs. Here's where you can see what's out there for your next career move! Health Career Professionals enjoy a variety of resources for career advancement and financial growth. NAHCE Precisely matching Health Career Professionals to Health Facilities using sophisticated job matching technology across the nations largest Health Careers network.

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nahce presents the health professional with gainful education opportunities. We provide the resources to pursue the many health career opportunities of today to maximize future career growth and income potential.

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resources to discover, evaluate and to be informed about the many health career opportunities today to consequently help you to make the best decisions all through your career.

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after 15 weeks education and training, an electrocardiograph technician may enter into the employment marketplace and begin saving lives by means of analysis and monitoring using an ekg machine. just like any type of job duty, there are numerous factors that impact the salary. on the other hand the median ekg technician salary in the united states approximately $49,000, at about $23 .50 per hour....

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in the recent years we see more and more information technology (it) implementation in the healthcare field. the traditional way of running a medical facility is rapidly changing through electronic health records (ehrs), personal health records (phrs), health information exchange (hie), electronic prescribing, medical coding and billing, etc. everything is happening online and instantly. the need for Health Information Management +T (himt) professionals is on the rise.

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